• Inquiry Notebooks for IB French


    You will begin to build a project notebook due at the end of each quarter as a GLP. The notebook will be an ongoing project throughout the IB course designed to enhance your learning in and out of the classroom. This project will assist in preparing for your written assignment and IB exams.


    Your notebook will include the following sections:

    1. Personal Dictionary (Dictionnaire Personnel)- You choose the words to include. Words may be from text, articles, class, other contexts or sources. They must be appropriate for class. Definitions should be in French whenever possible. Personal comments are allowed in English.
    2. Encounters (Rencontres)-  Using the current unit theme, you must search for things that interest you about that topic. They can be conversations with a native speaker, internet resources, films, books, magazine articles, and more. The possibilities are endless. You are required to find at least 1 per week (9 per quarter).
    3. Investigations (Investigations)- Choose 2 of your sources of information from your encounters- at least one non-internet source. Evaluate those two  sources- it could be about different perspectives, points of view, how helpful or interesting they were and why.
    4. Reflections (Refléxion)- Reflect on entries in your Inquiry Notebook or on your own learning and progress. This can be done in English. You must use compare/contrast, inference, evaluation and analysis in this reflection (whichever are appropriate to the topic). You must include evidence to support your conclusions.
    5. Journal- This is a personal journal- writing about anything you want- progress on project, friends, anything.  You must have at least 2 dated entries per week included. (I can tell when you do them all in one week) All writing is confidential.


    Due Dates:

    1st Quarter: Check ups: Sept. 5, Sept. 27, Oct. 11

                          Due date: Oct. 25

    2nd Quarter: Check ups: Nov. 14, Dec. 3, Dec 19

                            Due date: Jan. 10

    3rd Quarter: Check ups: Feb. 7, Feb 28, March 6

                            Due date: March 18

    4th Quarter: Check ups: April 11, April 29 *** Due date for Seniors

                            Due date for Juniors: May 28