• We have been shipwrecked! What do we do now?
    To start the year, we have been working on a PBL adventure in which students have been stranded on an island due to war and disease in other parts of the world. Once stranded on this island, students have to make some major decisions: *Who will lead?*Where do we live?*How do we survive?*How do we decide who does what job?
    *What do we do when someone does not agree with us?*What do we do in our spare time?
    This activity helps review the basics of human geography as well as government, economics, and culture. Students are also learning about types of governments and economics as we start the year. Our first mini project is to present our individual cultures in "Culture Bags" due Tuesday Sept. 2, 2014.
    After the this start of year review, we will begin our study of World History picking the fall of Constantinople and starting the Renaissance and Reformation. During this time period we will see how views of the world begin to change. 
    Here are some helpful links for reviewing human geography: 
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    CIA World Fact Book-Great Resource!!
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    Our Social Studies book 
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