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    WS/FCS K-12 Mathematics Team Mission

     The K-12 mathematics team is committed to providing coaching support, professional development, and curriculum resources designed to assist mathematics teachers in utilizing engaging, standards-based curriculum for all students in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.  Furthermore, we support teachers in developing students' mathematical literacy through inspiring young people to see the beauty, functionality, and value of mathematics as they think critically, problem solve, innovate, communicate, and collaborate.


    WS/FCS Mathematics Vision:

    Students as K-12 Mathematics Learners and Doers

    Students are active learners, constructing their knowledge of mathematics through exploration, discussion, and reflection.  The tasks in which students engage are both challenging and interesting, and students cannot quickly complete them by applying a known rule or procedure.  Students reason about and make sense of a situation and persevere when a pathway is not immediately evident.  Students use a range of tools to support their thinking and collaborate with their peers to test and refine their ideas.  A whole-class discussion provides a forum for students to share ideas and clarify understandings, develop convincing arguments, and learn to see things from the perspectives of other students.

    We expect all students to develop in all strands of mathematical proficiency - conceptual understanding, procedural and computational fluency, strategic competence, and adaptive reasoning.


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