• Here's the presentation Student Services provided to Seniors during the day on September 6th as well as to the parents the same night, with tips and tricks (including an intro to Naviance!) for those considering 4 year colleges and universities after graduation from Mt. Tabor!  Check it out if you have questions!


    Need a transcript sent to a College or University?

    Please request transcripts through your Naviance account.  If you have questions reach out to your School Counselor.



    Seniors, make sure you're on track to start college next fall with this Handy Checklist!!!

    Do you want a list of North Carolina Colleges, Universities, Career and Tech Schools with contact information, admissions deadlines and open house dates?  

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    Senior Timeline


    Beginning Your Senior Year
      1.) Start your year on the right note: turn in all assignments, show up for every class, make sure to build a good foundation in every class (college will want to see those mid-year transcripts, your grades...your senior year counts in getting accepted into college!!)
    Planning Your Next Step
      1.) Your counselor will meet with you to confirm you are on the right track towards graduation and to work on plans for after Mount Tabor.
    2.) Make sure you are registered for the SAT/ACT in fall if you still need to want take the test (or want/need to take them again).
    Applying to College
      1.) When you come in to request your transcript from the Counseling office make sure to fill out your blue card and give Mrs. Robinson any information that needs to be sent in with the transcript, such as a Counselor form. You do not need to submit a stamped envelope, we will send your transcript out from the school. Your first two transcripts are free of charge and any remaining transcripts you want us to send is at a $2 charge (if your family is facing monetary difficulties please speak with your counselor for exceptions) .

    2.) Athletes who are looking to play in college make sure you have had your transcript sent to NCAA Clearinghouse and have signed an Athletic Waiver Release form in the Counseling office so that we are able to send your transcript when colleges contact us.

    3.) Check the Scholarship Updates that are available to our students in the counseling office and on our website at: Scholarship Updates. Look at the websites for the colleges you are applying to learn about their scholarship application procedures.
    4.) Complete the RDS (see Residency Determination Service tab to the left).
    5.) Complete the FAFSA­ (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at www.fafsa.ed.gov as early as October 1st.  You can do this online at CFNC.org in the "Online Applications" section. Note that in order to submit the FAFSA, your family's tax information should be completed for the previous year (estimation is allowed). The FAFSA will generate a Student Aid Report (SAR), which will determine your eligibility for federal aid, as well as for most other forms of financial assistance. Carefully check your SAR when it arrives to make sure that it is complete and accurate.



    Staying Strong in Your Classes
      1.)Remember to go to tutoring hours with your teacher if you need the help, study for tests and quizzes, complete all of your work, and have continuous communication with your teachers about how you are doing in your class. You don't want any surprises on your report card at the semester - most of those grades go on your transcript!
    2.) Often a college/university will ask for your mid-year transcript to make sure you are succeeding your senior year (another reason to do well throughout your senior year).
    3.) Please remember that if your classes change for some reason after you've applied to college you will need to resubmit a transcript to the college/university with your updated classes!
    College/University Planning
      1.) Keep copies of all your applications.
    2.) Remember to give your Counselor 10 school days (2 weeks) in order to send out your transcript and/or write a recommendation letter - plan ahead!
    3.) Contact colleges/universities to make sure that they receive all of your information. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time for a college to collect all the information into one place so please be patient with them.
    4.) If you are taking classes at a college (with Dual Enrollment) make sure to have your college transcript sent to the colleges you are applying.
    Financial Aid
      1.) Many deadlines for Financial Aid fall in February so make sure to plan ahead with your FAFSA and complete it as soon as possible.
    2.) Continue reading the Scholarship Newsletter and applying to scholarships that are available in our area as well as at each college/university you are applying to.
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