Second Year Spartans... Keep Up the Great Work!
    Things to Remember Your Sophomore Year...
    1. No Sophomore Slump- Now that you have accomplished so much your first year of high school, it would be easy to lose focus and underachieve this year. Now is the time to keep your momentum going from a great freshman year! No sophomore slump for you...you have big things to do.
    2. Remember Your Accomplishments- With more challenging classes and more opportunities for extracurricular activities, you may find yourself feeling stressed. Some days, it may feel like graduation is a million years away. On those days, remember your accomplishments, and all that you have been able to do as a Spartan. This year will be even better than the last.
    3. Set Some Goals- Was there a class where you wish you had worked a little harder for a better grade, or a sport that you wish you had played, or a club you wish you had joined? Instead of regret, take this chance to enrich your life as a high school student. When you learn from your experiences, there are no such things as mistakes. Set some goals for yourself and show what you have learned from last year!
    4. Help Someone- Remember what it was like to be a freshman? Wouldn't it have been great if someone older helped you to make life at school even better? You have the opportunity to be that person this year. When the young student drops their books in the hallway, you will be the one to help them pick them up. When you help someone, you never know just how big of an impact you may be having.
    5. Your Future is Closer- One year down...you'll be wearing a cap and gown before you know it. You are now a professional high school student. You know how to make it through a day, a month, a year and still be successful. Remember those big plans you had your freshman year and all that you wanted to accomplish? Your future is closer than you think. 
Last Modified on June 6, 2024