The Counseling Department passes along information that we are sent for Enrichment Opportunities to you (parents and students)! We do our best to let you know of all the opportunities that are brought to our attention, but there are also a great number within the community, country, and world that are going on we don't know about.  If you know of an enrichment opportunity that you feel would be great for Mount Tabor High School, please let us know!

    Why Would I Want to Attend an Enrichment Program?


    Benefits of Enrichment Programs:

    • Career Development
    • Advice and help with application processes
    • A chance to meet people from different backgrounds and build relationships
    • Shadowing professionals
    • Special academic support, such as study skills development and time management
    • Specialized research (clinical or basic science)
    • Advisement and mentoring


    Enrichment opportunities are also a great way for students to help build their resumes for their futures.  College admission counselors and future job prospects will be intereseted in activities and opportunities you have done in order to better prepare yourself for time spent after high school.  Additionally, enrichment activities allow students to navigate group environments and build social skills. Studies show that participation in enrichments boosts self-confidence and self-esteem, helping students overcome any fear or uncertainty they might feel over time. 
    Below are links to our lists of enrichment opportunities...
    Please see your counselor with any questions...

    Summer & Extended Learning Programs with WSFCS 

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Last Modified on April 23, 2021