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    WSFCS strives every year to be able to schedule students within their registered classes.  With this in mind, during the academic year, students are unable to take a class on NCVPS that is offered by WSFCS, unless you meet one of the following requirements:
    A New Credit course may be taken if the course is unable to be taken during the school day because of a scheduling conflict but is required for graduation. 
    2.) Seniors needing the course in order to Graduate on time. 
    Please visit the WSFCS/Departments/New Credit Online for more Guidelines or simply click below:  
    If a student meets one of these exceptions, then they need to set up a meeting with their counselor to receive the needed registration papers.
    **Private School students who are interested in taking a NCVPS course please contact Mr. McBride in the Counseling Department (703-6728). 
    You will be asked to show proof of residency, complete the enrollment packet, and write a letter explaining your situation and why you wish to be enrolled prior to being enrolled as a visiting student to Mt. Tabor.
    Other Important Information:
Last Modified on December 17, 2018