• In my classroom, I enforce three expectations at all times. 

    Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Ready to Learn. 






    Team procedures and expectations:



    -         Students have multiple scheduled locker / bathroom breaks throughout the day. Unexcused trips to either will result in a consequence.



    -         The school dress code for boys and girls will be strictly enforced.



    -         Students are responsible for recording all assignments in their agenda, bringing the agenda to every class and taking it home every day.



    -         All tests are announced at least two school days in advance and make-ups need to occur within one week of missing an assessment.



    -         Team Packs go out EVERY Wednesday and must be SIGNED and returned by homeroom on Friday. Please look for these every week because it is our primary communication tool with parents.



    -         Every teacher’s gradebook is online for you to see at any time. We do not send home progress reports unless there is a problem. If a student is not doing well, we may send home a report to ensure you are aware.



    -         PERSONAL ELECTRONICS are NOT WELCOMED in class. Cell phones, ipods and digital cameras are required to be turned off during school hours. They must be stored in a locker, pocket or bookbag at all times. Any visible electronic device will be confiscated and sent to the office for parent pick-up. No warnings are given and repeat offenders will be subjected to an office-level consequence.






    Consequences will be determined by the severity of the action and in accordance with school policy. These include: Warning, recess detention, silent lunch, classroom removal, after-school detention, or office referral. All violations of School rules and Classroom Procedures will result in an appropriate consequence.






    Any offense receiving a consequence other than a warning, recess detention, or silent lunch will result in an automatic email and/or phone call home. Minor, but persistent issues may also result in a parent contact.