•                                                                            school supplies

    Supplies *Updated with quantities*     

    Students will need the following supplies:

    Ø       $6.00 for Scholastic News Exact Cash Only.  Please give your payment to your homeroom teacher:)

    Ø       Box of 24 crayons  - keep at home

    Ø       Glue sticks

    Ø       2 packs of  loose leaf paper (wide rule)

    Ø       Pack of  # 2 pencils

    Ø       2 boxes of tissues

    Ø       1 Box of washable markers

    Ø       Pencil pouch / zippered

    Ø       2 composition or spiral books (wide rule)

    Ø       1 solid-colored pocket folder

    Ø       Colored pens or highlighters

    Ø       2   1-inch 3-ring binders

    Ø       2  5-subject spiral notebooks (wide rule with tab dividers)

    Ø       Package of 3X5 index cards

    Ø       Book bag/back pack (no wheels)

    Ø       Hand sanitizer (Purell/Dial/GermX)

     Students should come to school prepared each day with a writing instrument and the notebook(s) necessary to enter notes for ongoing learning.  4th Grade is a transitional year involving switching classes more and becoming acclimated with class period necessities.  Students will need to be responsible for remembering what books and supplies are being used during various parts of the day.  Proper planning will definitely support successes!  Binders are great, but can be bulky for the students and sometimes hinder functioning throughout the day.
Last Modified on November 22, 2015