• Dear parents,                                             Computer links
    The following sites are free and great resources for your child's learning.  SpellingCity.com offers games for your child to practice spelling words.  My favorite game is HangMouse on the SpellingCity website.  Practice spelling words, but be careful not to wake the sleeping cat!  WeGiveBooks.org is a great site offering a plethora of online books just waiting for your child to read.  Further, each time you and your child read a book, a book is donated to another child.  This is a spectacular way for your child to practice fluent reading and help another child at the same time.  Don't forget to choose the charity you would like to donate your books to when you create your account.  Your child is familiar with Starfall.com from using this site at school.  Enjoy! 

    Mrs. McCarthy 
    Spelling City.com  *Username and password are located on the top of your child's homework/behavior sheet.
     We Give Books