• The Close of a Great Year

    Posted by Kimberley Jones on 6/7/2013
    It  has been an eventful year.  Students have grown in their English language development more than anticipated. Students in the structured sheltered class have formed a cross cultural bond with one another and support each other in social and academic arenas.  All third grade teachers participated with great effort and the outcome was positive. 
    To my 2nd and 3rd Grade students and their families I wish you a Happy Summer!
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  • Collaboration

    Posted by Kimberley Jones on 5/14/2013
    working together
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  • Growing Writers

    Posted by Kimberley Jones on 5/13/2013
    We have moved from simple graphic organizers to more detailed organizers as well. We have gone from general topics to using texts to develop writing topics which has led to discussions that compare our lives to that of the main character. Our sentences are better, but also our details. 
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  • Wondrous Writers

    Posted by Kimberley Jones on 3/22/2013
    Writing has become our new excitement.  Many students are beginning to relax and not worry about mistakes allowing their stories to just flow. They are editing with peers and then conferencing with the teacher. This has evidenced where grammar weaknesses are and skill games and activities have been implemented to support the learning. Recently, students enjoyed Cynthia Rylant's text   When I Was Young in the Mountains.  Afterward, students created stories of their life in Thailand, Mexico, the Domincan Republic , Yemen and the U.S.  Pictures were taken of each student and this writing was placed in the hallway for all students to enjoy.  Here is a sample of the writing:
    When I Was Young in Thailand
    When I was young in Thailand myhouse color was green, we had a Johnny house in my backyard. A Johnny house is an outdoor bathroom. My mom wove a great mat for me to sleep on. I lived with my mom because my dad was in Burma. Burmese soldiers caught my dad and made him go back.
    I went to different places. I went to school every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When I went to school, I learned to say my ABC's. When I got my ABC's wrong they got a stick and gave you a spanking and slap your hand. It hurt!  I went outside and played soccer. I play soccer with my firend . I went to the store and bought food. I bought big bags of rice and a chicken that was alive.  I had 12 chickens and 2 pigs.
    I miss living in Thailand and I miss my school, my friends and the good food.
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  • Such Growth

    Posted by Kimberley Jones on 1/24/2013
    It has been a wonderful experience to watch students grow from fall to now. The writing the students are producing has come so far. Today students in one group were instructed to write about their "mother", but not as a mother rather as an individual. Students had to create a topic sentence and then three main characteristics of her. The title is the mothers name and she is referred that way throughout the piece unless the student decides to draw the connection in the conclusion. It was a challenge at first as most 9 year olds do not think about how their parents were before kids, but this has really made them stop and look at their mother in a new light. Their mothers are special not simply because they are good to their children but also because they have many talents and gifts that are of value outside their domestic role. 
    Many other writing topics have produced  successful results; student work has been submitted and printed in the school newspaper. 
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  • Wow

    Posted by Kimberley Jones on 11/20/2012

    Today we celebrated with a "Thankful Tea."  This was a great cross cultural activity that allowed for all students to participate as we all have something for which we are thankful.  I have posted some of the videos and pictures that show the growing confidence in these students in their interaction with each other and in their writing.  Students read their papers in front of staff, fellow classmates and visiting parents. Some of these students did not speak last year and some are just beginning to speak this year.  Through strong collaboration with each other, these students teach us daily that our world is not so big.

    Speaking of confidence, a group of students asked if they could sing this song at the Tea.  Of course, I said yes.
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  • Beginning 2nd Quarter

    Posted by Kimberley Jones on 11/17/2012
    First quarter was busy in our sheltered classes. It was a time of many surprises. Students were talking and raising their hands to answer questions. Cross cultural relationships are being formed and confidence grows daily.  Some students asked for additional help with their Science Fair projects and stayed after school a couple of days to get them started.
    Two of the sheltered reading groups have been doing an author study of Patricia Polocco and have made amazing connections to her books. They cannot seem to get enough.  We have read "Mrs. Mack," "Thank you, Mr. Falker," "Junkyard Wonders," "The Keeping Quilt, " and "Chicken Sunday." In reading these texts students have been able to create a timeline of Polocco's life and to make text to self connections.  They are fascinated by her learning experiences as a child and how she overcame them to become an author. Recently, they wrote letters to her and we hope she will write back. To bring a conclusion to our study, we are going to read "Lightning in a Jar" and Rylant's "When the Relatives Came" to make a comparison between the texts and author's style.
    I recently attended a Carolina TESOL conference where I learned new strategies for vocabulary, summarizing, and brain based learning. I am hoping to utilize new graphic organizers with our reading and writing.
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  • Week of October 10th

    Posted by Kimberley Jones on 10/14/2012
    The children continue to exhibit more and more confidence in the classroom. All students are activley participating. I have observed two Hispanic students who have taken on leadership roles in the classroom without being asked. They coordinate activities for their reading groups and do peer to peer editing and discussions.  A student that rarely speaks has become more verbal and has started to turn in assignments and do his homework. With his reluctance to speak it has been difficult to ascertain the depth of his knowledge in the content areas until these past two weeks when he has started doing his classwork and homework on a regular basis. I have learned that he is retaining the majority of the content presented. This week he completed a character study, from an assignment in his guided reading group, independently and with surprising detail. -
    All of the students seem to have a great report with their teacher.  I anticipate continued growth by these students and will be collecting and analyzing the data in the coming weeks. 
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  • Week 4

    Posted by Kimberley Jones on 9/20/2012
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  • Week 3

    Posted by Kimberley Jones on 9/14/2012
    Graphic organizer Pinks
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