• Mary L. (MJ) Shaffer   
    BA, Duke University
    MA, North Carolina State University
    English II HN, English IV HN, AP Comp and Lit
    Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy
    1215 N. Cameron Avenue
    Winston-Salem, NC 27101   
    Students and parents! I am now putting all of my class resources on the WSFCS Haiku website. My students will all be introduced to the site and will become familiar with how to find information. Have them show it to you!
    Please visit each Class Website for calendars, links, files, and assignments specific to that class.
    Parents:  Please provide a working email address so I can contact you about your student's progress and current projects that may be due.  I am a parent, too, and I know how hard it is to keep up with what is going on at school.

    I also like to be able to let you know if something is not going well quickly (before it becomes a problem), and I like to let you know what your student is doing well!  With our busy schedules, email is the most efficient way to communicate. 

    If you have any concerns, PLEASE email me.  We both have the same goal - the academic and personal growth of your student!
    The mind is just like any other muscle in the body.  Those drills we struggle through in basketball, volleyball, track, or soccer practice are sometimes physically exhausting and painful, but if we keep going, our bodies adjust and grow stronger.  The first few times we attempt to read a complex text can be mentally exhausting and frustrating.  If we push through, keep reading, ask questions, and discuss the text, our brain actually creates new pathways and it all gets easier.  We are ready to move to the next level.  Practice produces growth! 

    Currently, I have class specific calendars posted under each class tab on Haiku. I use Haiku heavily during the school year and provide links to additional information about each text we study. I provide links to online copies of the text and study guides when I can, and I put homework assignments on the calendar. I try to make it as easy as possible for you to know what is due.
    Please find a copy of my behavior contract below.  I will be sending this home at the beginning of each semester, and at mid term as need be.  Please feel free to contact me at any time. Parents, thank you for sharing your children with me!