Our school and classroom expectations will encourage students to BE their best this year!
      BE Safe.

      BE Responsible.

      BE Respectful.


     We will let you know with a note if your
      child has had trouble following any of the expectations on a given day. 

     In our school, the class can earn orange airplanes for demonstrating expectations in the hallways, bathrooms, cafeteria, etc. We earn special incentives each quarter for our airplanes!

     We use a card system in the classroom. The card meanings are as follows:

    Green: Good day! (Earns 1 point each day you have a green card for the treasure box each month.)
    Yellow: Warning
    Orange: Time out
    Red: Phone call home or office visit
    We have special blue cards for going above and beyond with behavior and character! (Earns 5 points each day you have a blue card for the treasure box each month.)
    To get something from the treasure box each month, you must have at least 20 points. Points are wiped clean/start over at the beginning of a new month.