• Important Information About Our Class

    Discipline and Behavior: All children are expected to follow the PAWS Laws that have been established at Griffith Elementary.
     Paws Laws
    P-   Polite
      A-  Accountable
     W-  Work Hard
     S-   Safety
    In the classroom, we use a bucket and clip system. We give warnings, and then move a clip as a visual reminder. Continued misbehavior will result in time out, a natural consequence, a note or phone call home, or a visit with someone in the office.
    Schedule: School starts at 8:20, so students should be in the classroom by that time.  Children cannot come to classrooms before 8:05, even if accompanied by a parent or older sibling. First graders are expected to come to the classroom by themselves. If you are sending something large to school with them, please drop it off quickly and say good-bye at the door!
    Tardies and Early Dismissal:  The school system discourages tardies and early "pick-ups".  Occasionally, an early dismissal is necessary for appointments which cannot be scheduled at another time and these are acceptable.  Otherwise, please observe the school schedule for arrival and dismissal.
    Homework Folders:  Homework folders will be sent home nightly.  Students are expected to return the folder everyday.  I will check for completed homework on Fridays.   Take-home readers will be sent daily and should be read and returned the next day.  The  reading log should be signed by the parent each day.

    Friday Packets: Every Friday your child will bring home an envelope filled with notes, completed work and important information. Please go through these papers together, fill out any forms, and return it on Monday. Most papers will not need to be returned.

    Snack:  We will have a mid-morning snack every day. Families do not need to send in a snack for their child.  Mrs. Willard will provide a snack such as cheese, cheerios, or crackers. 
    Birthdays can be celebrated with a special treat if you so desire.  You can send in the special snack in the morning with your child and we will serve it at lunchtime.  All snacks must be store bought.   
    Lunch is at 12:10.  You are always welcome to come eat with your child. You can sit in a booth with your child. Parents can decide if you would like your child to choose one or two friends to join you or if you prefer to have special time alone. No more than four people are allowed in a booth, including siblings. We do ask that you encourage proper lunchroom behavior and good manners when children are with you in a booth.
    Specials: Special area classes run from 9:20-10:00.
             Monday -PE
             Tuesday -Science
             Wednesday - Music
             Thursday- Media
             Friday - Art
    Absences and Written Notes: Please remember that any time your child is absent from school it is necessary to send a written note with a brief explanation for the absence. If you would like to send this note by e-mail, that is fine.
    Change in Afternoon Transportation:   If your child will be going home any way other than their usual dismissal plan, please send a written note that clearly explains how he or she is to go home.