Discipline and Behavior: All children are expected to follow the PAWS Laws that have been established at Griffith Elementary.
    S - Safe
    O - Outstanding
    A - Accountable
    R - Responsible
         I feel daily teacher, parent communication is essential. Your child will bring home a B.I.R.D Folder every day. Inside this folder will be a calendar for the current month and each day will be marked with a color based on your child's behavior.

                Green  - means your child had a great day at school.


                Yellow  - means your child was warned about his/herbehavior at school.


                Red-  means your child did not followthe rules at school today.

    It is very important for a parent and/or guardian to sign the folder every day in the dated calendar box. Parents and/or guardians may also write notes orconcerns to the teacher inside this behavior folder. I do not feel the need to contact parents about minor incidents, this is the reason for the behavior folder. I will, however, call home for major problems and/or safety concerns.