Snoopy with book
    Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday. Each night students will have math, reading, and spelling homework. Please sign your child's agenda book each night to let me know you have checked over your child's homework and that he/she has completed all homework assigned.

    Students are expected to read 20 minutes every night. Students are encouraged to read EVERY night during the week and on weekends! Please sign your child's Reading Log each night. 
    Students are expected to study MATH FACTS each night for 5 minutes. Students will also have math homework each night that is a follow up of that day's math lesson.
    Monday - write words 3 times each
    Tuesday - ABC order
    Wednesday - write sentences using spelling words. Underline the spelling word.
    Thursday - write each word one time. Then take a Practice Test with an adult. Adults are to initial the Practice Test at the top. If a student misses a word, they are to write the word 3 times.
    Please note - On Thursday nights, parents are initialing homework in three places: agenda book, Reading Log and Spelling Practice Test. 
    Monday-Wednesday nights parents are to sign the Agenda Book and Reading Log only.