Apparel  & Textile Production II
    This is a new curriculum for Fall 2014.  Students in this course will gain a deeper understanding of design principles, engineering, fabrication and global needs of an ever-changing Apparel and Textile industry.  The course provides a major focus on textile design, textile science, product construction, global manufacturing and the apparel/textile market while incorporating and scaffolding prerequisite concepts. Emphasis is placed on application of design and engineering skills used to create, produce and prepare a product for market. Students will also gain the entrepreneurial skills necessary for successful marketing and distribution of an apparel product. Art, literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies concepts are reinforced throughout.  
    Because this class is layered within Apparel & Textile Production I (same time/same place), students will have a self paced (with due dates) opportunity so that they will be able to move forward as they complete the assigned classwork.   Below is the link to find the specific coursework with activities and due dates: