P.A.W.S.  LAWS



    ·    Allow others to learn

    ·      Be a good listener when others are speaking

    ·      Be helpful

    ·      Be supportive and kind

    ·      Raise your hand to ask or answer questions

    ·      Treat others the way you want to be treated

    ·      Use encouraging words

    ·     Practice good manners




    ·      Accept responsibility for your actions

    ·      Be sure to get all communication to and from school in a timely manner

    ·      Know and follow classroom and school procedures

    ·      Know and follow classroom and school rules

    ·      Make good choices



    Work Hard

    ·      Always try to do your best

    ·      Ask for help when needed

    ·      Complete all classroom work

    ·      Do your homework every night

    ·      Go the extra mile whenever possible!



    ·      Follow all safety rules in the school building

    ·      Follow all safety rules on the playground

    ·      Keep classroom and school grounds clean to avoid accidents

    ·     Sit "criss cross applesauce" during Circle Time and keep your hands and        feet to yourself at all times

    ·     Stay calm and follow directions in case of an emergency