• Homework and Grades
    Grades will be calculated and posted on powerschool, weekly.  Since I am team teaching with Mrs. Thompson, I will be posting Math, and Science grades.  Mrs. Thompson will post the Reading, Language Arts and Social Studies grades.  Homework will be given Monday through Thursday nights in Math and Spelling.  Science and Social Studies homework may be given but not nightly.  Please expect about 30-45 minutes of Math homework, as a review of topics learned each day.  Math homework will be graded for completion, not performance, so students can practice their Math without worrying about getting a good grade on it.  I want students to be able to take work home, practice and come back to school with any questions. Below is the 5th grade grading scale:

    35% - Tests and Projects
    25% - Quizzes
    30% - Classwork
    10% - Participation/Homework
    Grading Scale
    100- 90 = A
     89- 80   = B
     79- 70   = C
     69- 60   = D
    59 or below = F