• 2019-2020

    Wiley WFO Board and Committee Chairs



    Wiley WFO 2019-2020


    President                                  Sloan Wilson

    Vice President                           Natalie Spinosa

    Treasurer                                  Diane Cox

    Secretary                                  Heather Bumgarner

    Staff Hospitality                        Mara Gardner and Catherine Koufman            

    Student Hospitality                   Joanna Andrews

    Family Pledge Campaign           

    Member-at-Large                      Mandy Patterson

    Audit Chair                               Amber Coley

    Wiley Wear                               Laura Slawter

    SMOD                                      Betsy Burton-Strunk

    PTA Membership                      Shonette Lewis

    School Improvement Team        Suzy McCalley

    Book Fair                                  Beth Overman

    Communications                       Laura Neelon

    Box Tops                                   Amber Coley

    6thGrade Recruitment               Hollie Torrey

    Backpack Program                    Cabell Edmundson and Beth Overman

    Business Partners                      Steve Bumgarner, Leah Crowley, Christian Schroeder

    Beautification                           Daniela Grady

    Reflections                               Andrea Nugent

    For changes or suggestions contact:
    Laura Neelon