Homework Expectations

    On a daily basis this year, your child will take papers home and bring some back to school the next day. To help your child maintain communication between home and school, your child has been provided a special Communication folder. This folder will be sent home each day. It is extremely important that his/her folder is well kept and returned to school every day.


    Your assistance is required in the following ways:


    1)      Each evening, check to be sure your child brought the folder home.

    2)      Look at the contents of the folder. Examine notices and papers with your child.

    3)      Review, discuss, you child's daily behavior calendar. 

    4)      Encourage your child to do their best on all homework activities.

    5)      Spend at least 15 minutes reading with your child each day.



    Please make sure your child has his/her folder EVERY DAY.
    Thank you for your cooperation!




Last Modified on September 10, 2015