• Retaking Assessments

     My personal policy is that if a student is dissatisfied with his/her grade on a test or quiz, then that may be redone.  It is not school policy, so please do not expect all of your child's teachers to do this.  My policy is that students may retake any test or quiz they are dissatisfied with once. They will take a different form of the quiz/test, but the questions will be on the same topic(s) and of the same difficulty.  I will average their new quiz/test grade with their original quiz/test grade to determine their new grade.
    However, they must:
    - stay after school to do so (thus protecting class time) - the days they may stay after school are Tuesday and Thursday
    - stay to retake the quiz/test within 2 weeks of me returning it to them.
    - have transportation home, as the activity bus does not run until 4:00, and they will be finished before then.
    Thank you for supporting your child's education, and please encourage him/her to retake assessments.
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