• Behavior Plan


         We want all students and parents to be aware and informed about our expectations for behavior in the classroom.  Below we have outlined the rules for behavior and the consequences for not following these rules.  We will teach these rules daily during the first few weeks of school.  Please go over these at home so that you can help me provide your child and all the students in my classroom the excellent learning climate that they deserve.  We appreciate your support with this.


    We have six rules:


    1. We will respect the rights and property of others.
    2. We will listen when others are speaking.
    3. We will walk quietly in the building.
    4. We will keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.
    5. We will work quietly.
    6. We will follow directions.


    These are the consequences if the rules are broken.

    1. The student will be reminded of the rule.
    2. The second time the student will be reminded of the rule and asked to repeat it.
    3. The third time the students will be sent to another part of the room for time out.  Time out will be documented and written notification sent to parents.
    4. If Time Out is needed again parents will be contacted to discuss solutions and make a plan to solve the problem.
    5. If these measures do not correct the problem, your child will be sent to the office as a discipline referral.  Depending on the offense, other resources will be explored to correct the behavior.


    The above consequences will be skipped and the student will be sent to the office immediately for kicking, spitting, cursing, slapping, fighting, and willfully destroying school property or for being disrespectful to the teachers.





    ___ I have read and understand the Behavior Plan for the classroom.


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