• That Summer

    by Sarah Dessen Year Published: 1996

    I don't often find misses, but this was not a hit for me.  I stayed with it, because I intend to finish all things that I start, but this story was difficult to maneuver through.  I loved the setting and the detail the author gave during the novel, but the plot was slow to start and end.  I will keep trying Sarah Dessen books!

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  • Schooled

    by Gordon Korman Year Published: 2007

    Another Battle of the Books read from long ago that I finally completed!  This Hippie book gave me a different way to look at the world around me.  The message is to embrace and love and accept people despite differences.  The author does a great job of highlighting different insights to the same situation.  Definitely recommended.

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  • One For the Murphys

    by Lynda Mullaly Hunt Year Published: 2013

    My Battle of the Books read for the summer was a great read!  I was drawn to the main character who is finding where she belongs.  While she is trying to understand the world around her, she begins to realize that she has to forgive in order to forget.  The main character will win you over.  

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  • The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

    by April Henry Year Published: 2015

    I purchased this book at our Wiley book fair, and it is not the typical book I would grab, but I am glad that I did!  I quickly let Ms. Small borrow it.  It was very intense all the way through.  The author did a great job at giving just enough detail on each page in order to keep me engaged and interested.  I high recommend this book if you want a suspenseful read or if you want a page turner!

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  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    by Jeff Kinney Year Published: 2007-2012
    Jeff Kinney is a great author, and he has the attention of our youth right now!  If you get a chance, read about Greg Heffly, a middle school boy, who uses sarcasm to get through each day. 
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  • Divergent

    by Veronica Roth Year Published: 2012
    I did what you're not supposed to do.  I watched the movie first.  However, the movie sparked the interest and desire to read the book, which I still enjoyed, and of course, learned many new things as I read that were not a part of the movie.  Tris is an epic heroine who encompasses many things I wish for my growing girls.  Readers will follow her on a continual journey of discovery from self, to friends, to love, to family, to government, among many others.  Read it.
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  • Insurgent

    by Veronica Roth Year Published: 2012
    The story continues as Tris discovers a world without her parents and friends.  She holds to Four as they both persist with unveiling the true flaw in their government.  The journey of discovery continues and Tris realizes that what she discovers might push her away from the one certainty that she thought was constant.
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  • Looking for Alaska

    by John Green Year Published: 2005
    Friendships bud out of strange circumstance, and Pudge finds himself surrounded by some unique friends.  The friends that find him show him how to have fun and live and take chances.  He learns a lot during the novel, specifically about loss.  John Green does a great job (again) giving a voice to a tragic situation.
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  • Out of My Mind

    by Sharon Draper Year Published: 2010
    Check out this book to learn about a strong young lady struggling with a voice that can't be heard by most.  The use of assistive technology, family, and friends help her find a way to speak out.  What a great read!
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  • The Bronx Masquerade

    by Nikki Grimes Year Published: 2001
    Point of view is beautifully portrayed as the stories of several students are woven together based on a mutual commonality they all share: one class.  They each are able to build a circle of safety within their class in order to share their history, their fears, their dreams, and their secrets.  My 7th grade students really enjoyed reading this book.  
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  • The Bully Book: A Novel

    by Eric Kahn Gale Year Published: 2012
    This novel fluctuates between point of views and perspectives, pushing the reader to question character motives as the storyline progresses.  The ending pulls everything together.  I really enjoyed this novel.
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  • The Fault In Our Stars

    by John Green Year Published: 2012
    Epic love story between boy and girl, mother and daughter, life and death.  I cried multiple times.  The writer is great at depicting the emotion of the characters.  Please read it before you watch the movie!
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