• Ladder of Inference
    I have attached a Systems Thinking chart that I will be using for discipline as needed to help children understand the value of good choices and reinforce positive behavior.  This will be a tool that I will use to discuss with your child verbally one-on-one.
    Order of Discipline
    1. 1 Verbal Warning
    2. 2nd Warning - Move number to "warning."
        (think about it session - make goal for better choices)
    3. 3rd Warning - Move number to "consequence."
        (time out session or loss of 
    4. 4th Warning - Move number to "parent contact."
          (call home and/or trip to office -- students will be asked to write a reflection
          at home after discussion w/parent)
    All children have the choice to make their day better, in which they can move back to green (or beyond) with good behavior.
    Students who make poor choices will receive a number on their calendar.  Students with a "clean" calendar for the week will get a trip to the treasure box every Friday!