·         Journals are due on Fridays by 5:00 pm. If journals are late, there will be a 10 point deduction. 

    Journal/Blog Criteria: 

    ·         Read assigned informational text article

    ·         Annotate (mark up) the text

    ·         Personal reactions to the article-displays creative/critical thinking

    ·         Make connections to the article

    ·         Thoughts on author’s voice and style of writing

    ·         Display knowledge and understanding of the article

    ·         Answer the questions of the week thoroughly-use examples from text

    ·         Use proper grammar, sentence structure, and mechanics

    ·         Journals should be at least 150 words in length

    ·         Respond thoughtfully to at least one of your classmates’ blog. 

    How to access Kidblog: 

    1.  Go to: 

    1st Period:   http://kidblog.org/MsMcCrimmonsLanguageAClass-1stPeriod

    2nd Period:  http://kidblog.org/MsMcCrimmonsLanguageAClass-2ndPeriod

    3rd Period:  http://kidblog.org/MsMcCrimmonsLanguageAClass-3rdPeriod

    4th Period:  http://kidblog.org/MsMcCrimmonsLanguageAClass-4thPeriod

            2.  Select Log in (in the upper right-hand corner).

            3.  Go to User Name-Select the drop down-Select your User Name.

            4.  Type in your Password and Select Log in.


    Things to Remember:  Blogging Etiquette

    1.  Post blogs on time and post on topic:  an effective student keeps up to date and on task. 

    2.  This blog is strictly for educational purposes only.  No personal information or discussions will be permitted. 

    3.  Do not be offensive when expressing your opinion.  Bullying, profanity, and other derogatory remarks will not be tolerated!

    4.  Do not include any personal information about you or other people in your posts. 

    5.  Write original posts:  Do not plagiarize, steal or copy someone else’s content or ideas. 

    6.  Check and recheck your grammar and spelling. 

    7.  Make sure the things you write about are factual and/or based on your reading.