The study of motion and forces in the universe.
    This is a math intensive, lab based course.  
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    Most work will be posted to our class edmodo site, rather than the school based web provider.
     All students will complete 2 of the following activities to make up their Honors Project Component.  This component is 25% of the grade and any student not completing any portion of the Honors Project will not receive credit for the course.  The 1st activity will be due by Friday, February 27, 2015 and the 2nd activity will be due by Friday, March 20, 2015.  Students may choose ANY of the project activities, but must complete two different activities to receive maximum credit.  If, and only if, a project calls for teams, then you may complete the project alone or as a pair (2).  A third activity may be completed by March 25th for extra credit.
    Inertia Club - 10 points per level...can you become a master?
    Roller Coasters - (TEAM) - Build a paper roller coaster and analyze the conservation of energy experienced by a rider (marble).  Must end and begin at the same location...just like a real coaster.
    Mousetrap Cars - Build mousetrap cars using a simple rodent trap as the sole source of energy.  Students will apply the concepts of friction, energy, power, torque, and rotational motion when constructing the cars.
    Electric House - (TEAM) - This project involves an investigation of DC circuits in series, parallel and combinations.  Here you will find the project guidelines, DC circuits resources and the pictures of the students houses.
    Physics Photo Project - Illustrate a physics concept and an essay on the physics in the photo. (To show that all photos are original, you should have either yourself in the photo or obtain a 'Flat Einie' from Mrs. Durkos to put in the photos.)
    Toyz Am WeThe objective of this project is to to design a toy based on a topic(s) 
    of physics, construct a working model of the toy, and create an advertisement campaign, complete with a title and slogan.
    Catapults This project involved a thorough investigation on projectile motion. The AP students designed and built working catapults and then performed calculations at various angles. The students also prepared detailed Multimedia presentations.
    Physics Meets Art - The project objective is to design and construct an art mobile around a general theme using physics to calculate the mobile's translational and rotational equilibrium.
    Einstein's Birthday -  The celebration of Einstein's birthday(March 14th) involved a research paper and an Einstein cake contest. Examples of the cakes made by another class: here and here.
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