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    Peers Establishing Attitudes Reflecting Lifelong Success

     Purpose: To promote school spirit through participation in a Pep Squad, foster self-confidence in young ladies and promote life-long habits for success. The members of this group will develop a high level of pride for themselves and our school.

    Membership: This group of young ladies will consist of 24 fourth and fifth-grade girls. Each young lady will be required to meet specific criteria before she is selected by the teacher to tryout.

    Selection Process: Tryouts will be held and three judges will select the young ladies based performances and teacher evaluations. No parents will be allowed to attend tryouts.

    The Panther P.E.A.R.L.S will perform at school events such as:

    ·        Quarterly awards ceremonies (BUG / Terrific Kids / Honor Roll)

    ·        Field Day

    ·        Fall Festival

    ·    Pep rallies for those taking the state's State Performance Assessment Program tests to get our students excited about taking standardized tests

     The Panther P.E.A.R.L.S will celebrate the feminine and creative side of each young lady through scheduled activities that focus on age appropriate activities for fourth and fifth grade girls. They will be guided through the use of appropriate dress and language, and maintaining positive attitudes which will help develop young ladies with healthy minds and bodies.

    The Pep Squad aspect is an excellent form of exercise for the girls, as well as a great way to boost school spirit among younger students.  Practice will be held on Thursdays during the spring semester right after school is dismissed from 3:15 – 4:30 PM.  Two of our own teachers work with the girls to teach them some of the most popular cheers and cheerleading techniques.  The young ladies will wear a North Hills Panthers T-Shirt and shorts set and do real cheers with colorful pom poms. Girls must maintain good grades, behaviors, and must serve as positive role models in the school.