• In order to make science a great learning experience, I do have a few class expectations, and they include the following:

    1.     Most important, our class motto will be that FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. I create lessons that provide opportunities for success at every level as long my students put forth effort and understand my expectations.


    2.     Your presence in class is essential. In science, much of our work will be project/investigation based. Our lessons will build upon each other so absence from class may result in the need for extra help. Although extra help can be given after school and missed work can be made up, there is no substitute for being in class and hearing question asked that your student may not thought of.  I am available every Thursday 2-3pm for tutoring/extra help.


    3.     Participation is a must. In science, we will be doing a lot of activities that are based on students collectively exploring and discovering, so it is important that everyone participates and gives their input.


    4.     Respect for others is a must in science, so there will be no talking when the teacher is talking and no talking when other students are addressing the class. Our responses to each other will be thoughtful and respectful.


    5.     Tardiness and lack of preparation often cause disruption to other students and creates confusion for the student that is late or unprepared, so please make your best effort to be on time and prepared for class every day. Requests to use of the restroom should be during a time when instruction is not being given or when it will not affect completion of a task in a timely manner.


    6.     It will be your responsibility to make up any work missed in your absence. Homework assignments will be posted in my room and can be sent by e-mail request to dmhall@wsfcs.k12.nc.us.  You should also make an effort to consult with a classmate to get any warm-ups, vocabulary, classwork or notes that he/she may have missed. You should see me promptly upon returning to class to discuss any important upcoming dates/deadlines or with questions about missed work.


    7.     Inappropriate/disruptive behavior will be addressed as follows:


    ·         1stwarning – verbal warning/discussion with student acknowledging behavior and its impact on the student and his/her classmates

    ·         2ndwarning – silent lunch

    ·         3rdwarning – exemption from "incentive Friday"

    In 8th grade science as in life, structure is important. Mrs. Hall’s classroom will follow the daily structure below:

    1.      Enter the classroom quietly; complete the noted warm-up within the first 4 minutes of the class period.

    2.     Be prepared to share your thoughts regarding the warm-up

    3.     Brief discussion of the following day’s lesson

    4.     Introduction of new objective

    5.     Groups will always be assigned by Mrs. Hall and will be changed if students become unproductive/disruptive.

    6.     Whole class wrap-up

    7.     Discussion of upcoming homework/assignments, when necessary

    8.     Space Maintenance – clean up your area

    9.     Dismissal – Mrs. Hall dismisses the class, not the bell.


    You will have a calendar at the front of your binder/notebook that will note any upcoming tests, quizzes, projects etc. Please be sure to check the right side of the front board regularly. 

    Looking forward to a great year,   

    Mrs. Hall