Intervention Support Team (IST)

    When a parent or teacher suspects that a student has a need for specialized instruction, then screening information must be collected and considered in order to make decisions regarding the need for further educational interventions. Gathering this information is through the use of the IST process.

    Our IST Team Members:

    Billie Wylde - Chair
    Tina White-Kennedy-School Social Worker
    Marty Farmer-School Pyschologist
    Dr. Wendy Brewington- Principal
    Sheila Costello- Kindergarten Teacher
    Roberta Stephenson- Fourth Grade Teacher
    Kelly Tutterow- Instructional Facilitator

    Types of Concerns/Problems:

     Academic Performance




    Steps for referral

    1. Determine the student has a need

    2. Student receives six weeks of interventions and progress monitoring through a PEP and then the teacher refers the student to the Intervention Support Team.

    3. The IST Chair will request permission from parent/guardian for screenings..

    4. At the first IST meeting, the committee reviews progress monitoring data. Classroom interventions/strategies are developed to address the concerns and implemented for six weeks.

    5. At the second IST meeting, the team reviews the effectiveness of interventions and determines the course of action. 


    Course of action options

    1. Find that the interventions were effective and continue in the regular education classroom.

    2. Find that the interventions used were not effective and devise additional interventions.

    3. Find that the interventions used were not effective and refer the student for Exceptional Education program for testing.


    The IST process will take 14-16 weeks (or longer)  to ensure that every effort has been exhausted to help the student in the regular educational setting.

    Parents may contact Billie Wylde, IST Chair, for additional information.

Last Modified on September 12, 2018