Dear Parents,

            Your child is going to start taking Accelerated Reading Test.  These tests are on books that the child will check out and read to you from the library.  The books that they bring home from the library have an orange tag and on the back cover (there is a tag that explains what level the book is on (A.R.B.L.).  )

    Each child has a card attached to tell you what level books your child should be reading on.  Please keep the card handy so you will know what level book should be coming home.  I am requiring the students to read and take 1 Accelerated Reader book per week. The students can choose a chapter book and one shorter book so they can get the 1 per minimum. Also one book a month needs to be a NONFICTION book. Please continue to write down ALL books read by you or by the students.  We do this so they can be involved with the 100 Book Club and the Pizza Hut “Book It” program. Also attached is a sheet that the parents must fill out and send back each time the student reads the book 2 times and retells it to you.  We are starting this week. The class has a goal of getting 100 points by the end of the school year.  The students will also have individual goals.  Please keep this letter as reference on what to do.