• There are several areas of teaching and learning that I have worked particularly hard to understand and promote.

    The first area has to do with how learning itself "happens". One of my favorite education quotes is from John Dewey, who said that it wasn't teaching that causes learning; instead, it's thinking that leads to learning. Even though teachers are held responsible for the learning in their classes, students have much more to do with the success of the learning process. The first attached file is something I put together about how emotion affects the learning process and the second file discusses what critical thinking is.
    This next file discusses what each party within the learning process--the teacher and the student-- must do, in other words, what specific roles or functions teachers and students must take in order for learning to happen.
    Study skills and writing skills are also important in students' success, and the links below will send you to information about each.
    The effects of trauma on someone, how the person responds and copes or resists ("coping" involves some type of learning), and what likelihood of a return to healthy functioning is another area of my interest. Trauma can include any exposure to violence or disruption of relationships or living circumstances. The first attached file describes the effects of traumatic stress on someone and prospects for recovery; the second file describes the range of recovery possibilities from a psycho-emotional point of view.
    Another area of special interest to me is instruction about writing and language. The two attached files include discussions of these topics.