• AP EXAM PREP 4/22- 4/29

    Monday: review section 8 multiple choice, section 8 rubric, return section 8 tests, self -grade the section 8 test frq.
                    The Project --25 graphs and 10 formulas is due today. 10% of q4 grade.
    Tuesday: review section 8 test in class and re- read the macroeconomics multiple choice from all sections.
    Wednesday: Pre-slugging AP Exam forms and AP exam week schedule.
    Thursday: Begin review of Microeconomics ( same format as the Macro review )
    Friday: Microeconomics AP Exam prep day two
    Please note: All AP Economics students should be reviewing independently. As a minimum, all students should:
    1. Take the complete the practice test  on the AP College Board site. Correct your mistakes, note areas of the curriculum that proved difficult.
    2. Research and take a second multiple choice test on-line or via  AP Exam Prep texts. Correct your mistakes. Read the review material.
    3. Review all the test and review FRQs in your possession. Research the related graphs in your textbook.
    4. Review the essential graphs from both Micro and Macro.
    5. Attend both of the Saturday sessions for AP Economics , full length practice tests will be administered. 
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