• 2015 -2016 North Forsyth Science Fair Information 
    Science Fair
    Where: North Forsyth Media Center
    When: Tuesday, December 8th - Thursday, December 10th
    Time: 8:50 am - 4:00 pm
    Judging will occur throughout the day by unbiased members of the
    WS/FCS Science Faculty & Community Members.
    All projects should be dismantled and brought home 
    no later than 3:40 pm on Friday, December 11th .

    Specifications for Project Displays
    • All displays should be under the following sizes: (Normal Science Triptych Boards fulfill the requirements)
    • Computers are NOT permitted in displays
    • Projects may be submitted individually or in small groups.  No more than 3 students shall work on a single science fair project.
    • The students' names should NOT be displayed on the board. 
    • Each student will be given a label with their assigned number by their teacher.  
    • The Official Abstract should be visible at the display...not necessarily on the front of the board
    • Electricity will be limited. This should be taken into account when creating displays.
    • No live animals or hazardous materials should be brought with the display.  Pictures may be used instead.
    • No living organisms should be harmed/put in pain.
    • Any questions about project safety or ethical concerns should be directed to the ISEF Wizard and to NFHS's Science Fair Committee.
    • Judging Criteria will be similar to that used at the county level, which can be found here.
    • General Information from WS/FCS regarding Science Fairs is available in this packet.


    • Biological Science A - animals, medical, microbiology
    • Biological Science B - plants, behavior/social science, biochemistry, cellular/molecular biology
    • Chemistry
    • Earth/Environmental Science
    • Physics
    • Technology and Engineering - must apply scientific principles to manufacturing and practical uses
    Forms Needed 
    For Everyone
    For Special Cases

     Science Fair Coordinator: Mrs. Aimee Durkos
    acdurkos@wsfcs.k12.nc.us * 336-661-4880