• Leadership-101.00-101.02
    Basic buisness meeting skills and goal setting
    Cosmetology profession,careers,and requirments
    Professional Ethics and hygiene
    Safety,Sanitation,and Deontamination-103.00-103.03
    Bacteriology, First Aid
    Nails, Hands and Feet- 104.00-104.03
    Parts of the nails,disorders,structure,growth,and diseases
    Nail Services-105.00-105.05
    Safety, equipment,manicures and prdicures
    Tricology and Hair Services-106.00-107.02
    Structure,diseases and disorders of the scalp
    Hair services,draping, brushing, shampooing,etc.
    Specialized Hair and Scalp Treatments-108.00-108.02
    Anatomy of the head,treatments
    Wet Setting Hair Styling-109.00-109.03
    Wet sets, combouts,finishing styles,and thermal styles
    Hair Cutting-110.00-110.03
    Basic hair cutting,sectioning and guidelines
    Permanent Waving-111-.00-111.03
    Techniques,restructing,chemical agents and safety
    Chemical Hair Relaxing-112.00-112.03
    Effects of chemical relaxers,techniques, safety
    Hair Coloring-113.00-113.04
    Techniques of hair coloring,Law of color,classifications,and use of color