A      93 - 100
    B      92 - 85
    C      77 - 84
    D      70 - 76
    F         0 - 69
    Tests, Quizzes & Projects = 45% of grade
    Homework = 15% of grade
    Classwork & Class Participation = 25% of grade
    Notebook = 15% of grade
    Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday (with occasional assignments on the weekend) and will be checked each day.  Not doing homework will have a negative impact on student learning and proficiency.
    Tests will be given on Fridays.  On Wednesdays before a test, students will be given a sample test or sample test questions to be done for homework that night.  On Thursday, we will go over the test questions in class to iron out any problems.  Thursday's homework assignment is to study for the test.  On Friday, students will take the test, which will be similar to the sample test or sample test questions.  However, the numbers will be different.  If a student misses a test due to sickness or absence, that test must be taken during the next class, unless special arrangements have been made with me.
    Below are exercises whose intent is to enhance students' skill in the topics covered in the 8th Grade Curriculum.  Some of the problems will be assigned for homework or class assignments.  The exercises are in Microsoft Word format and can be downloaded to your home computere and printed.  These questions are similar to the ones students will see on the end of grade test in May.