• Leadership-201.00-201.02 Communication skills and problem solving
    Orientation-2002.00-202.03- Job findings, resume, interviews.
    Skin Services-203.00-203.02-Histiology of the skin dieases and disorders
    Massage and Facials-204.00-204.06-Facials,massages,make-up,brow tenting,artificial lashes,removal of unwanted hair.
    Electricity and Light Therapy-205.00-205.05-Nature of electricity,electrical equipment,light therapy. and current
    Artificial Hair-206.00-206.03-Diffrent types of artificial hair making wigs
    Anatomy and Physiology-207.00-207.02 Structures and systems of the human body human cells and tissues
    Chemistry-208.00-208.03-Organic and inorganic chemistry,chemical bonds of hair chemical services,Ph of cosmetics
    Salon Mangment-209-00-209.03-Establishing a salon laws, rules, regulations and insurance.Buisness records
    Salon Operations-210.00-210.02-Layout of the salon, retailing