• Grading Policy
    Daily Binder Binders are to be brought to school each morning and taken home each afternoon. This is daily communication for parent/teacher/student. Any behavior concerns, notes, etc. will be sent in the binder. Please make sure you sign the daily agenda each day. This is also where homework will be recorded and kept.  
    Grading Policy
    Progress reports are sent home approximately three times a quarter. It is very important that you read these, leave comments if needed, sign and return the next day. These will keep you informed of how your child is doing throughout the quarter in all subject areas.
    Students copy down homework in their agenda books the first day of the week. Paper is provided for each child. Homework is to be kept in the white binder and brought back to school daily. Please make sure your child is doing their homework each night. This is a great way to practice skills we have learned in class.  
    Grades are entered into the electronic grading system. Any missing assignments will be entered in as a zero (0).

    Electronic grade book calculates the assignments by weighted areas to create an overall grade average for each subject.

    Grade Scale

    90-100 A

    80-89  B

    70-79 C

    60-69 D

    0-59 F