•  First Grade supplies- 

    you may bring these to Open House or on the first day of school
    These will be class supplies, there is no need to label with your child's name (you may label the binder)
    box of washable markers
    pencil pouch/zippered or box
    2 solid colored(one green and one blue preferred) 2-pocket folders with prongs
    2 boxes of tissues
    book bag/back pack (no wheels)
    Hand sanitizer (Purell/Dial/GermX)e
    One - 3-ring binder (1"- to be used for the planner)
    1 box zip-lock bags (quart/gallon)

    ***personal headphones for your child (please label)***
    ***Wish list*** These are optional items that you may choose to donate to our class :)
    Labels – size: Address/30 to a page/Avery 8860 or Avery 8160
    Heavy duty stapler
    electric pencil sharpener
    extra recess equipment - balls, bubbles, toss games (dollar store equipment is fine!)
    black and white composition books (many times these are on sale after school starts!)