• InScentive Inc.
    Candle Shop
    A School-Based Enterprise
    Reagan High School
    Please be on the look out for ordering information for our candle shop this semester! 
    We hope to be operational as soon as all of the dust settles!  
    August 22, 2013
    We will continue to make and sell soy candles through our school-based enterprise InScentive Candle Shop. We plan to begin making the Fall Scents in October. This is a great way for our students to have hands on experience running a small business. Students also earn school-based hours for their time and participation!  Look for an order form soon and please feel free to sell to your friends and family. The money earned goes back into the business for more supplies and materials, as well as special projects.
    The InScentive Candle Shop is still open, though in a quieter way!  Our current schedule is not as conducive to candle making as was in the Fall.
    Please email candle order requests and we will be happy to fill them!
    The InScentive Candle Shop was very successful Fall Semester! Thank you for all of your orders and support! The students really seemed to enjoy learning how to make soy candles and sell them to their friends and family. We will be making candles again Spring Semester with more "spa-like" scents.Please look for our order form in the near future!
    I am pleased to announce that the InScentive Candle Shop is in full operation this semester!
    It has been a few years, but we are back and better than ever!
    Through the Candle Shop, students gain valuable skills in several areas, such as science, customer service, marketing and math!
    Not to mention that it is just plain fun to create something that others enjoy!
    A little about our candles:
    1. They are made from 100% soy wax.
    2. They burn cleaner and are better for the environment.
    3. They burn 50% longer than regular paraffin wax candles.
    4. The soy wax comes from a completely renewable and sustainable resource, which is Earth friendly!
    We are currently selling our Fall Collection which includes pumpkin souffle',  gingerbread, caramelized praline, banana nut bread, and harvest berry. They are each sold as a complete gift set, which includes a gift bag, tissue paper, and gift tag for $10.00 each.
    They are sold in an 18 ounce "whisper jar, with glass lid.
    If you would like to order, please contact me and we will be happy to take your order!