• Mission

    To prepare students to compete in the global marketplace.
     We Believe

    1.   We believe continual learning takes place when students are effective users of concepts and information.

    2.  We believe STEM will prepare students for life in an increasingly complex and technological society, by offering a unique opportunity for hands on learning so that our students will be ready to meet the challenges of their future.

    3.      We believe all students can excel when provided a rigorous and technologically enhanced curriculum; and inspire creative, critical and analytical thinking.

    4.      We believe partnerships are valuable to student learning across disciplines and education, including local businesses and industry, to prepare students for future career demands.

    5.     We believe all students can benefit from gifted instruction to help them reach their academic potential.

    6.      We believe in recognizing our students’ abilities and potential and providing academic challenges that promote growth for all students.