Art Showcase    
    The Art Showcase is a varsity-level competition sponsored by NCASA.  It pits artists of different media from different schools in a judged competition that awards both individual and group prizes. Media categories include painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, collage, computer-generated, and photography. Students create their artwork at school and home and enter the competition by submitting digital images of their work. Top students from each category progress to the statewide competition and are evaluated by judges in-person, also with an audience and live exhibition. This competition is sponsored by art teacher Janet Blakely.
    This year's prompt will be released in November. Students are meeting weekly on Tuesday's to prepare for the competition.
    The 2017-18 Art Showcase team won the state championship, with two individual state category winners. Last year, the team had another individual state champion (Katie Hill Sturkie). You can read about the 2017 Team HERE and see some of the artwork.