Photography  Grade Content



    Remember that you earn your grade it is not given to you. You can achieve any grade you desire. How much work you complete and what you do in class each day are factors in the grade you receive. Each quarter grade will computed as follows:


                Lab & Class Work                20%                 Projects                     60%

                Unit Tests                              20%                Quarter Tests            2x unit Test



    (Proportions are subject to change dependent on actual work assigned)



    Lab Work

                * Prepared

                * On task

                * Works for 2 periods

                * Punctual

                * Clean-up Duties

                * Follows directions

                * Respectful/Cooperation


    Class Work

                * Attendance

                * late to class

                * how you act in class

                * Are you prepared for class each day?

                            - notebook, pen, pencil, photo materials

                * notebook

                            - is it organized and current?

                * contact sheets

                * Worksheet/chapter notes

                * Quizzes


    Unit Tests

                * Lessons given in class

                * projects that you have worked on

                * reading assignments

                * handouts

                * worksheets


    Quarter Test

                * Test will be given at the end of each quarter



                *Each topic area will have a project to reinforce the course content

                ***NOTE late projects loose a letter grade for every day past the due date

                * Projects received later than the grade of F may receive partial credit.



    Grade Breakdown


                B= 85-92



                F= 0-69


    Extra Lab time is available to students each morning beginning at 7:30 am.

    Students that fall behind with class/lab work are expected to attend or make other arrangements with the teacher.