TJMS Pledge Drive


    2017 TJMS PTA Giving Campaign

    We are launching the one2one Initiative
    to have 100% of TJMS classrooms one2one digitally enabled. 
    What does this mean? 
    For our kids to achieve, we must put a Chromebook in every child’s hand
    while in EVERY TJMS classroom. 

    The TJMS PTA needs ALL TJMS families to support the school, the student(s) and his or her learning environment. Only with fully digitally enabled classrooms at a one2one ratio will our students be most prepared.

    The TJMS PTA is laser focused on funding 21st Century learning.
    You can help! 

    60 families contributing $100 to the one2one initiative
    puts 30 Chromebooks in a TJMS classroom.

    550 families contributing $150 to the one2one initiative funds all 11 Chromebook carts we need to have 100% one2one digitally enabled classrooms.  Your support makes a huge difference.

    We ask you to give $150/student enrolled at TJMS. 
    If you can, stretch to $200/student...$200 funds one Chromebook.

    Please contribute whatever you can,
    any and all donations help!

    With your help, we become a 100% one2one digitally enabled classroom school at TJMS.  A Chromebook in each child’s hands gives them a more exciting and in-depth classroom learning experience.

    100% of PTA donations go directly towards funding key TJMS PTA projects.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
    TJMS Pledge Chair Brad Bennett @ 336-671-0845 or bbennett@wildfireideas.com

    IT'S EASY!



    All donations are tax deductible. Your cancelled check is your receipt.



    Student Name:_______________________________


         Amount $ :__________________

     Please make checks payable to “TJMS PTA”. Thank you!!!!! ===============================================

    Send donations to your child's homeroom teacher



    Thank you for your support!

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Last Modified on September 23, 2017