• The Crucible Themes, Setting, Characters

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  • Note Card Example 2

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  • Note Card Example 1

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  • Research Paper Guidelines

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  • The Scarlet Letter Setting, Themes, Characters, Symbols

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  • Bradstreet Prompt and Directions

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  • Daily Material Covered in English 3 Classes

    1/24:  Introductions and classroom procedures (Have all supplies by Wednesday, 2/1 for homework grade)
    1/25:  Finish classroom procedures; personal essays; grammar diagnostic test and completion of goal cards (2nd period)
    1/26:  Grammar diagnostic test and goal cards (1st period); received online assignment; discussion of most frightening moment;
                   William Bradford bio and voc. words from Of Plymouth Plantation.
    1/27: Pop quiz on classroom "rules of the game." Also read Of Plymouth Plantation and took notes with discussion.
    1/30: Finished discussion of Of Plymouth Plantation; began reading and discussion of "Upon the Burning of Our House" with Anne
               Bradstreet biography (poem on separate handout)
    1/31:  Finished discussion on "Upon the Burning of Our House" and read and discussed "To My Dear and Loving Husband"
                  by Anne Bradstreet.  Also began verb usage study.
    2/1:  Grammar (regular/irregular verbs); reviewed "To My Dear and Loving Husband" and began an analytical essay on the poem.
    2/2:  Grammar (irregular verbs); finished writing Bradstreet essay; read Jonathan Edwards' bio and got new voc. words; began
             reading "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God"
    2/3:  Grammar; finished reading "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God; Journal Entry #1
    2/6:  Grammar, review for test on Tuesday
    2/7:  Grammar; Early American Lit Test; began Franklin study
    2/8:  Grammar (verbs); Began reading from The Autobiography (Franklin); JE #2
    2/9:  Grammar (verbs); Finished reading Franklin's Autobiography; got assignment on keeping a time chart
    2/10:  Grammar (verbs); read exerpts from Poor Richard's Alamanack; JE # 3
    2/13:  Grammar worksheet (verbs); grammar review; Franklin review for quiz; essay review
    2/14:  Grammar worksheet (verbs); Franklin quiz; vocabulary (definitions/parts of speech/other forms of words)
    2/15:  Grammar worksheet (verbs); review of weekly vocabulary words with other forms; visit from Guidance
    2/16:  Grammar; vocabulary review for quiz; Qualey visit to set up for ACT test
    2/17:  Grammar; vocabulary quiz with new words; Paine bio and began The Crisis
    2/21:  Grammar; vocabulary words/definitions; finished Paine's The Crisis
    2/22:  Grammar; Patrick Henry bio and "Speech in the Virginia Convention"
    2/23:  Grammar; finish reading/discussing "Speech in the virginia Convention"; vocabulary and grammar review
    2/24:  Grammar; voc. quiz 2; Paine/Henry short quiz; new words for vocabulary list 3
    2/27:  Grammar review; in-class persuasion writing assignment
    2/28:  Grammar test (verbs); introduction of Harlem Renaissance mini-project; background info on the Harlem Renaissance
    2/29:  Vocabulary review; finding research and easybib instructions; Irving bio and vocabulary; began "The Devil and Tom Walker"
    3/1:  Vocabulary review; finished reading "The Devil and Tom Walker"; pop quiz (absentees will be omitted)
    3/2:  Grammar (verb conjugation); vocabulary quiz 3 with new words; Harlem Renaissance background; Turnitin.com instructions
    3/5:  Grammar (verbs conjugation); read Hurston's "Dust Tracks on a Road"
    3/7:  Grammar (conjugation); vocabulary lesson 4 review; reviewed grammar test and persuasion essay; finished Hurston discussion
    3/8:  Grammar (conjugation); vocabulary lesson 4 review sentences; read Langston Hughes bio and "The Negro Speaks of Rivers"
    3/9:  Grammar (conjugation); vocabulary quiz 4 and new list (5); book sharing; Journal Entry #6
    3/12: Grammar (conjugation); read poems "I,Too," "Dream Variations," "Refugee in America," "I Hear America Singing," listened to
                 Louis Armstrong's "S.O.L. Blues", and JE #7
    3/13:  Grammar (conjugation); Read and discussed "The Tropics in New York," "From the Dark Tower," and "A Black Man Talks of Reaping"
    3/14:  Grammar (conjugation); voc. review; essay discussion; "Storm Ending," and H.R. review for quiz
    3/15:  Grammar (conjugation); voc. review; H.R. Quiz; Longfellow bio and "The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls"
    3/16:  Grammar (conjugation); voc. quiz 5 with new words; discussion of "The Tide Rises"
    3/19: Grammar (conjugation and review); "The Tide Rises" and Holmes' bio and "Old Ironsides"
    3/20: Grammar (conjugation and review)' "Old Ironsides" discussion and review
    3/21:  Grammar review; vocabulary review; Emerson bio and "Self-Reliance"
    3/22: Vocabulary review; grammar quia; Emerson and "Self-Reliance" discussion with JE #9
    3/23: Vocabulary Quiz  #6; journal writing; S.S.R. time
    3/26:  Grammar (fragments); research project introduction; began reading "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
    3/27:  Grammar (fragments); picked research topics; concluded "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"
    3/28: Grammar (fragments); review for mid-term test
    3/29:  Mid-term test
    4/9:  Grammar (fragments); voc. review; background to The Scarlet Letter with vocabulary; read chapter 1 and part of chapter 2
    4/10:  Grammar (fragments); research guidelines; Scarlet Letter reading
    4/11: Grammar (fragments): Finished reading chapter 2 with review questions and began reading chapter 3 in The Scarlet Letter
    4/12: Grammar (fragments); finished reading chapter 2 with questions; read chapter 3
    4/13: Grammar (fragments); spelling/voc. quiz 1; read chapter 4; JE #11
    4/16:  Grammar (comma splices and run-ons); answered questions for chapters 3-4; read chapter 5 and began reading chapter 6
    4/17:  Grammar (comma splices and run-ons); finished reading chapter 6, read chapter 7, began chapter 8 with quiz
    4/18: Turned in note cards; watched Part I of The Scarlet Letter; Grammar (run-ons and comma splices)
    4/19: Reviewed grammar (run-ons, comma splices); chapters 1-8 practice sentences; finished reading chapter 8; answered questions
                for chapters 5-8
    4/20: Grammar (run-ons, comma splices, fragments); took Spelling/Vocabulary quiz 2; went over how to compile the research paper
                and demonstrated parenthetical citations and works cited
    4/23: Grammar (run-ons, comma splices, fragments); took Scarlet Letter Voc. Quiz 1; got new words for chapters 9-12; read chapters 9 and 10
    4/24:  Grammar (run-ons, comma splices, fragments); Scarlet Letter reading chapters 10-12 with questions
    4/25:  Watched part 2 of The Scarlet Letter; did chapters 9-12 practice sentences; S.S.R. time (rough drafts of research papers were
    4/26:  Grammar; Scarlet Letter questions; read chapter 13 and 14. Research Paper due Friday, 4/27 and Spelling/Voc. Quiz #3 on 4/27.
    4/27:  Took Spelling/Voc. quiz 3; Scarlet Letter voc. words chapters 13-24; chapters 14 and 15 reading
    4/30:  Review of spelling/voc. words list 4; read chapters 15 and 16 in The Scarlet Letter with discussion; had pop quiz on content
    5/1: Reviewed Scarlet Letter Vocabulary (chapters 9-12 and 13-24); read chapter 19; did vocabulary word illustrations for word wall
    5/2: Spelling/Voc. review; Scarlet Project introduced; chapters 19 and 20 reading
    5/3: Spelling/voc. review; Scarlet Letter reading chapters 21-23
    5/4: Spelling/voc. quiz 4; Scarlet Letter reading chapter 24; review questions chapters 13-24; Journal Entry #14
    5/7:  Finished Scarlet Letter questions; Scarlet Letter vocabulary review; Part 3 of film
    5/8:  Review of Scarlet Letter quotations; Scarlet Letter voc. quizzes; Part 4 of film
    5/9:  Scarlet Letter Presentations
    5/10:  Spelling/Voc. 5 review; Scarlet Letter Test
    5/11:  Spelling/Voc. Quiz 5; returned research papers and discussed; The Crucible character, themes, setting notes, JE #15
    5/14:  The Crucible vocabulary and background; began reading Act I
    5/15:  Review of vocabulary and reading from Monday; read and discussed Act I
    5/16:  Voc./spelling review; finished reading Act I; review questions and listened to Act I on tape
    5/17:  Voc/spelling review; vocabulary for Act II; began reading Act II
    5/18:  Voc./spelling quiz 6; finished reading Act II of The Crucible; review questions for Act II; Journal Entry #16
    5/21:  Voc. review; Act III voc. words; Act II review questions; begin reading Act III (2nd period)
    5/22:  Voc. review sentences; Act III reading; JE #17
    5/23:  Voc. review; finish Act III reading; Act III questions (2nd period); JE #18
    5/24:  Voc. review; read Act IV; review questions
    5/24:  Created word search puzzle
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  • English 3 Journal Entries

    JE #1:  (2/3) Write about your first day of kindergarten, first grade, middle school, high school, or your first day at North.
    JE #2:  (2/8) Which one of Franklin's virtues would be hardest for you to keep?  Which one would be the easiest?  Make one paragraph
                   for each topic (length 1/2 to 1 page)
    JE #3:  (2/10) Which 3 of Franklin's aphorisms do you like best?  Why? (Write a paragraph for each.  Copy the aphorism, give a paraphrase of
                      what you think the aphorism means, and give support as to why you picked your choices.
    JE #4:  (2/24) Freedom Writer's Day
    JE #5:  (3/2) List several people who have been influential in shaping your life for the past 15 years.  Choose one person from this list and
                      describe in detail how this person has influenced you.  (Length 1 1/2 to 2 pages)
    JE #6:  (3/9)  Write about your favorite movie and tell why it appeals to you. (Length 1 1/2 to 2 pages)
    JE #7:  (3/12) Which Langston Hughes' poem do you like best?  Which poem do you feel carries the most powerful message?  Why?
                              (Length: 3/4 to 1 page)
    JE #8 (3/16) Write about one or two of your most memorable birthdays or holidays.  Give lots of detail.  Length: 1 1/2 - 2 pages
    JE #9 (3/22) Choose 1 of the following statements from Emerson's "Self-Reliance" (p. 393) and explain what it means and why you personally
                             feel the statement is so important to you and to society.  Give a personal example.  Length 1-2 pages.
                              1.  Imitation is suicide.
                              2.  The power which resides in him is new in nature, but he knows which that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has
                              3.  Trust thyself; every heart vibrates to that iron string.
                              4.  Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist.
                              5.  Speak what you think now in hard words, and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again.
    JE #10 (3/23)  What do you feel are the 5 most important things that parents can teach their children?  What is the most important thing that
                                 your parents have taught you ?  Length: 1 1/2 - 2 pages
    JE #11 (4/13) After reading chapter 4 in The Scarlet Letter, respond to the following:  what advice would you give to Hester Prynne?  What advice
                                  would you give to Rev. Dimmesdale?  Why?  Write a total of 2 paragraphs, 1 paragraph for each of the characters (at least 5
                                  sentences per paragraph)
    JE #12: (4/20) After reading chapter 8, tell what you think will happen to the following characters and why: Hester, Chillingworth,
                                  Dimmesdale, and Pearl.  (Length: 1 paragraph for each character)
    JE #13: (4/27) Freedom Writer's Day (length - 1 full page)
    JE #14: (5/4)    Were you surprised by the ending of the book?  Why or why not?  If you could rewrite the ending, how would you do it?  Tell what you
                               would have happen to each of the four main characters (Hester, Pearl, Chillingworth, Dimmesdale). Length: 1/2 to 1 page
    JE #15: (5/11)  After Hester had revealed the truth about Roger Chillingworth to Dimmesdale, Dimmesdale says, "We are not, Hester, the worst
                                  sinners in the world.  There is one worse than even the polluted priest.  That old man's revenge has been blacker than my sin."
                                  Do you agree with this statement?  Why or why not?  Give support and examples for your answers.  Length - minimum of 1 1/2 pages
    JE #16: (5/18)  Freedom Writer's Day - length - none- wrote for 20 minutes non-stop
    JE #17: (5/22)  Choose one entry and write a minimum of 1 1/2 pages:
                                  1.  Write about a time when you were extremely hot or extremely cold.
                                  2.  Write a letter to a possession(s) telling why it (they) is(are) important.
                                  3.  Write about something you wish you did not know.
    JE #18: (5/23)  Choose one entry and write a minimum of 1 page:
                                1.  Descibe how you and/or your fellow classmates attempt to drive your teachers crazy.
                                2.  Descirbe at least 4 sounds that you hear as you walk down the halls at NF.
                                3.  What your plans for summer vacation?  Give detail.
                                4.  Reflect on this term in English 3.  Did you meet your goals and expectations for yourself?  Why or why not?
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