• Poetry Writing Station:

    Student Materials: Poetry definitions sheet.

     Instructions: Each poem must be at least 12 lines and use at least two literary devices from your definitions sheet. Use different devices for each poem. Write six poems (nine poems will get you extra credit) with the following considerations:

    ·        One poem must be a ballad – telling a story in quatrains .

    ·        One poem must be based on your research station.

    ·        Each must be at least 12 lines long.

    ·        Each must demonstrate two different literary devices.
    Product Rubric by Grade:
              D – Three poems – ballad, research project plus one more.

              C – Four poems – required ones plus two more.

              B – Five poems.

              A – Six or more poems.

    Homework: Some of your poetry-writing may be finished at home if you do not finish in class.