• Poetry Research Station:

    Materials: Newspapers, magazines, Internet.


    1. Find an article about a current event or issue you could write a poem about by either telling a story or using the facts. 

    2. List 10 facts or details made in the story (such as who, what, when, where, why, how, and four more interesting facts).

    3. Write a paragraph (5th & 6th Period's need two sentences) summary of the main idea. Example – This story explains how two of the strongest teams in the NFL will face off tonight, with the winner going on to the finals.

    3rd & 4th Period Product Rubric by Grade:

    DFour stories.

              C – Five stories.

              B – Six stories

              A – Eight stories


    5th & 6th Periods Product Rubric by Grade:

    DThree stories.

              C – Four stories.

              B – Five stories

              A – Six stories

    Homework: Complete any articles not finished during class using a newspaper borrowed from class, the Internet, or another major media source.

     Eventually you will write a poem based on some or all of this reading – one of your three required poems.