• Classroom Expectations

    Classroom Rules-

    1.      Alwaysremember the Golden Rule.  Do unto othersas you would have them do unto you.

    2.      Do nothurt others on the inside or outside. (Inside-hurting their feelings, sayingunkind words.  Outside- hitting,touching, kicking, feeling, etc.)

    3.      Always try your best! Work quietly at your seat for morning work and independent activities.

    4.      Befair, share, and take turns.

    5.      Takecare of materials
    6.    Raise your hand to speak.

    7.      Whenwe are in the hall, eyes are forward, we are standing quietly, straight andtall, hands by your side, not touching the walls. 

    Positive Reinforcement-                                 

    1.      ComplementJar- If the class is caught by another teacher or staff member making goodchoices and the class is given a complement, the students will receive a marblein the jar

    2.      Points- If the students exhibit good behavior in specials, the class willcollect Pride Points

    3.      CharacterTree- Students will be given a shape on the tree if they are caught making goodchoices.


    1.      Astudent who has a great day will have a chance to take home Bob (stuffed animalfor the class)

    2.      TreasureBox every Friday if they have all greens for the week

    3.       Time with a buddy class

    Discipline Procedures-

    I believe engaging in handson and well prepared lessons prevent student discipline issues in theclassroom. 

    1.      VerbalWarning (Talk about it)

    2.      Lose apoint from Classroom DoJo (Think about it)

    3.      Pull card(Fix it- If behavior improves after lunch and is acceptable for the remainderof the day, student can go back to green) 

    4.      Notehome

    5.      Parentcontact through phone call

    **If anincident such as hitting takes place, it is an automatic clothes pin pull andnote home. 

    Parent involvement-

    1. Approved parent volunteers are always welcome in my classroom.
    2. The class website will be utilized for parent information.
    3. A VIP folder will be sent home every Tuesday.
    4. Parents are more than welcome to contact me through email at lhgolden@wsfcs.k12.nc.us