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    My end goal is for this page to help students review daily topics when completing homework, as well as studying for quizzes and tests.
    ***Please students if you have any suggestions or Internet resources you have found online or apps e-mail them to me. I greatly appreciate your input because I want this resource to be as helpful to your individual needs as possible. Thank you!
     EOG Review:
    7th Grade TJMS Website
    Regents Prep 
    (Pre - Algebra is mixed in with the Algebra section) This site has a multitude of practice problems with great step by step explanations!
    Please contact Ms. Huffman with any questions.
    The Tutor Guy -- Website  
    Purple Math ---
    Math is Fun ---
    Vocabulary Resources

    The websites listed below are resources that may help students with their statistic vocabulary page / flashcards.  Know that these definitions may not match directly to what we have talked about in class. Use these resources to further your understanding, but do not rely on them.  Thanks!


    Flashcard Maker

    Students feel free to create flashcards online or using an app.