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      We will have homework Monday through Thursday. Students will be responsible for writing their assignments in their planners each day. There will be a math assignment and 30 minutes of reading each night. Students will have a reading log to complete based on their nightly reading. This log will be assigned on Monday and will be each Friday. They will also be expected to study their spelling words for their weekly test on Fridays. Please encourage your child to read a variety of books and to respond to what they have read either in writing or by talking to you about it. This will help them to better analyze what they are reading and become more critical thinkers.

       It is important that students do their math and reading homework each night. This will help them to practice and better understand the reading and math concepts that we cover each week. If students forget homework, or if the assignment is incomplete, a comment will be added on Classdojo for that day. They are still expected to return the following day for a lower grade. Completed homework counts as a participation grade, which is 10% of the total grade in each subject.

       We will have a test or a quiz every week in math on the material that we covered during the week. Test and quizzes will always be announced. When we have short weeks or snow days, we may have to make slight changes. Reading tests will be announced as we finish novels and/or reading skills, usually weekly. There will be a spelling test and grammar quiz weekly as a part of language arts. Writing will also be a part of their language arts grade. I look forward to working with students on narratives along with content and argumentative writing pieces this year in class. They will also be writing daily in their writing journals.


    Students scoring a “C” or below on a graded assignment will need to have the test reviewed by a parent and signed. All graded work will go home every Tuesday in a folder.  Please return the folders on Wednesday. Work completed online can be reviewed at home on EDMODO or Schoolnet. All progress can be seen and reviewed from home using Powerschool. Your child will have password for all of these sites.
       Class Dojo is an online site that will be used to communicate with parents on their child's behavior and daily progress. Points are earned for positive behavior, completing homework and being prepared for class. Points may be lost for not following class rules/procedures or not completing assigned work. A login and password were sent home on the first week of school with information on how to create an account. Once an account is created you will get weekly updates via email and can log in at any time to see your child's progress for the day. Thank you for your cooperation in helping me communicate with you regarding your child’s progress.